1. The Philippines still in its prime. People just have to look for it.

  2. Buildings that are one with the sky.

  3. This is where we started this is where we should improve. we are the men of the sea, therefore we will treat it as it was our home.

  4. The woman behind every painting is a face waiting to be cheered on.

  5. The simplest of things are the most beautiful and pure. It’s all around us we just have to notice it

  6. Never a bad time to go out and be adventurous and try something new (Ps. don’t use this quote to do something stupid, ¬†just sayin’)¬†

  7. a BEAST made of metal and plastic….

  8. Just a dodge challenger in a one in a million event that made me see Vin Diesel! :)

  9. Each place needs a park and a playground. We all need to unwind and just walk to see where we are headed and where we came from.

  10. Something behind the clouds radiating out. (iPhone)